Dreamlight Ease Sleep Mask – Black


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Block out 100% of the light with this comfortable and lightweight sleep mask

  • Pressure-reducing Design
  • 3D Facial Mapping Technology
  • Light Blocking

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Dreamlight Ease Sleep Mask – Black

The Dreamlight Ease Sleep Mask (DLE100) is a comfortable lightweight way to sleep with 100% light block-out on long flights, after shift work, when taking a nap during the day or simply each night when sleeping.

Product Features

  • Pressure-reducing Design- Minimising pressure on the eyes, distributing pressure around the back of the head and padding around the nose area.
  • 3D Facial Mapping Technology- Facial data mapping analysis of different faces from all over the world has been collected to create a more fitted and comfortable mask.
  • Light Blocking – user can enjoy a pure darkness sleep environment even under sunlight. Darkness is essential to rest. The absence of light sends a signal to the body that it is time to rest.
  • Gentle plush material
  • Make-Up Friendly- 3D contoured design avoids direct touch from eyelashes.
  • Lightweight
  • Hand Washable
  • Travel Pouch included

Instruction Manual


Inner fabric- 59% nylon and 36% polyester . Spandex 5%
Outer fabric- 100% polyester fiber
Stuffing material – 100% polyurethane


1 review for Dreamlight Ease Sleep Mask – Black

  1. Charlene Schembri

    Great tool to get a good night sleep!

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