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TensCare iGlove – Medium (M) & Large (L)


Particularly suitable for the pain management of:

  • Arthritis in the hand
  • Repetitive Strain Injury
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Raynauds Syndrome
  • Other chronic pain conditions in the hand

-2 x iGlove with adapter leads and 2 x electrode pads (50 x 90mm)

-Medium- length 19cm x 11cm wide

-Large- length 21.5cm x 11cm wide

Requires a TENS unit to be purchased separately e.g perfect TENS

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-Fast and effective pain relief that improves movement & reduces swelling in the hands.

-Uses newly developed unique ‘SilverStim™’ conductive fabric which

allows the stimulation from your TENS unit to pass throughout your

hand. This improves the blood flow which will increase mobility and

give relief from pain throughout the hand.

Requires a TENS unit to be purchased separately e.g perfect TENS

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Medium, Large

Instruction Manual

iGlove Insert I-GLOVE-AU Rev 1.0 02.19 FINAL

Cautions and Warnings

Cautions and Warnings

If being used for pain management for Diabetic Neuropathy or other conditions where there is reduced or no sensory
sensation then there is a small risk that reduced or uneven electrical contact may cause irritated or broken skin. Care
needs to be taken to monitor the skin condition under the garment at frequent intervals.

Observe all the Contraindications, Cautions and Warnings included with the device that you are using with the iGlove.


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