Welcare Stay-Dry Children’s Upper Arm Bedwetting Alarm – WBA100


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• Children’s upper arm bedwetting alarm for ages 5+
• Bedwetting alarms have been found to be one of the most effective methods of training a child out of bedwetting
• When the child wets the bed, a moisture-sensitive alarm will sound and/or vibrate
• Helps the child to recognize and respond to the sensation of a full bladder while asleep
• User Friendly, Light & Compact
• Adjustable Arm Band
• Sound & Vibration Mode
• Vibration Only Mode
• LED Light Indicator
• Includes 2 x 100cm Sensor Clip Cords
• USB Rechargeable Battery with Charging Cable
• Progress Chart & Stickers

In stock


Bedwetting (or Nocturnal Enuresis) is common in children. Alarm Treatment is a common and effective method of training children out of bedwetting.

The Welcare Stay-Dry Bedwetting Alarm can be worn on either of the child’s arms. The alarm has two sensors which discreetly loop through the sleeve of the pyjamas, through to the underwear in order to detect any droplets of urine.
When the sensor reacts to wetness an alarm will sound – waking the child up to alert them that they need to use the toilet. The alarm will then stop to allow the child to use the toilet and return to sleep.

Using the Progress Chart you can track your child’s progress and introduce a reward scheme for positive continence behaviour to encourage the child to want to succeed.

Over time, the child will learn to associate the feeling of a full bladder with needing to wake up and go to the toilet, and others will learn to ‘hold on’ and will continue sleeping without releasing their bladder.

When the child remains dry for fourteen nights in a row, the bedwetting alarm is no longer needed. When the bedwetting alarm has not been used and the child still manages to keep dry, the training is considered successful.



Always read & follow the instructions for use. Not recommended for children under 5 years of age.

Instruction Manual

Welcare Stay-Dry Bedwetting Alarm Instruction Manual

Progress Chart

Welcare Stay-Dry Bedwetting Alarm Progress Chart


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